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Tree Removal

Searching for reliable tree removal services in Sooke, BC area? Your search ends here with Trusted Tree Care!

Close up of tree rings on a stump from a tree removal in Sooke, BC

When it comes to trees that are dead, declining or trees in unwanted places (over your greenhouse, hot tub, tank or even your chicken coop!) sometimes the best solution is a complete tree removal. That's when it's absolutely crucial to call in someone with the right skills to safely bring down your tree without causing harm or damage to your, or any neighbour’s, property.


Rest assured, we have the knowledge and precision to carefully assess the situation, develop a strategic plan and execute it flawlessly. We will ensure that the job is done safely, efficiently and without any unnecessary risks.


Contact us today for a free quote today, and let me take care of your tree removal needs. We’ll handle the ropes (literally!) and ensure that your tree is safely removed. 


Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

How it Works

1 / Contact Us

Call Sean at 250-216-1564 or fill out our contact form. Tell us about your tree removal needs. No job is too small and there are no silly questions!


You'll hear back from Sean within 24 hrs (Mon-Fri) to schedule a site visit.

2 / Site Visit + Free Quote

Sean comes to your property to look at your tree(s), talk you through the process and calculate how much time it will take.


It is up to you if you'd like to be home for this, it is helpful if you are there to show Sean exactly what you'd like. 

Sean will ask if you'd like clean-up included or if you'd like to take care of the clean-up yourself (for a lower rate). 


You'll receive your free quote the same day as the site visit.

3 / Day Of

Sean arrives and takes care of business!


You can choose to be at home or not. It's a good idea to be there so you can watch the progress and provide feedback so Sean can get it exactly how you want it.

Tree Homage

We know sometimes a tree you love might need to come down because of it's health and/or it's become a safety issue. To honour those special trees we offer print and illustration services as well as woodwork crafts like candles, coasters, side tables and more depending on the size and condition of the tree. 


Contact us to find out more. 

Wood shavings on a work bench from a tree homage project
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